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Joyful Living Homes is a boutique group home for Elders with dementia.

Elders diagnosed with dementia receive person-centred support and care to live a life filled with purposeful roles, meaningful activities and moments of joy within a beautiful home. Our Registered Nurses and Caregivers are professional, and are accredited Montessori aged care support workers who have a deep understanding of dementia.

Why choose Joyful Living Homes™?

1. For the best support of your relative or friend living with dementia.

Joyful Living Homes™ is better than a nursing home because we offer best practice dementia care with homely familiar living spaces. We make the transition of moving to specialised dementia support and care easy by providing a fresh, bright and cheerful cottage environment, which is exclusively for 10 residents only.

We have a high staff to resident ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 residents, our Group Home Carers are specially trained to and all types of dementia. Our single level Group Home features elegant furnishings, a dementia supported layout complete with safety design features such as a line of sight to the kitchen and dining room when a resident steps out of their bedroom, short halls, easy access to outdoor areas and a shady verandah.

2. To benefit from evidence based best practice in dementia care.

Joyful Living Homes™ has pulled the best elements from the world’s leading care models for dementia to form our own boutique dementia care model; the Joyful Living Approach™.  Whilst we use excellent top international care models for dementia, including Montessori Model of Care for Dementia, we needed to compliment these by providing our own additional compassionate touch to form the Joyful Living Approach™.

3. For independence by the dementia support specialists. 

For over 21 years the owners of Joyful Living Homes™, have provided 24-hour, live in care, overnight care and hourly care through Sydney’s best in home care provider; Daughterly Care. They now offer long-term specialised support in small and private homes specifically for people with dementia.

4. To continue your quality of life.

For Elders moving in, you can continue your fulfilling meaningful life, now with the comforting companionship and support of our Caregivers. Elders can enjoy quality each day with the freedoms they are accustomed to, so they can continue to live a purposeful and meaningful life, thanks to specialised support.

5. For the feelgood familiarity of home.

We believe our uplifting environment, coupled with our unique Model of Care for Elders with dementia, and our devoted Nurses and Caregivers create the ideal small-scale dementia care home to lovingly support for your Loved One’s heart, mind and body. The familiar surroundings of one’s own home is definitely the best place for Elders with dementia, but as dementia progresses Elders’ support and care needs grow often can’t be supported at home.

We understand there comes a point when the family of an Elder with dementia must choose the most suitable option for the best personalised dementia care which all the family are happy with, for their peace of mind and for the Loved One’s best support. And sometimes that’s a home away from home.

6. To receive enabling support.

Roles and activities are person-centred so tailored to each individual in our small-scale, specialised dementia care home. We know that whilst your Loved One has dementia, Elders still want to live a meaningful and purpose filled life. Our residents receive enabling support, learned through a method of demonstration which helps elders maximise their independence, all in our high care residential dementia care home.

7. For Elders to live their best life.

We understand your Loved One’s need for quality of  life, filled with meaning and purpose. When combined with our specialised care model which includes the Joyful Living Approach™ to dementia care, we are able to support our Elders to thrive.

8. Because we’re not your normal nursing home.

If you’ve decided you don’t feel comfortable choosing a traditional nursing home, you’ve found the right place:

The first decision is whether there is a nursing home that goes over and above, that exceeds expectations and that offers the absolute best dementia care and support for your Loved One.

  • You don’t want a conventional nursing home.
  • You don’t want the worry or problems highlighted in the media connected to conventional nursing home care models.
  • You want more than the bare minimum offered by popular priced care nursing homes.

9. As we redefine conventional nursing home care.

Through in-depth research into evidence based best practices for residential dementia care and our Joyful Living Approach™, we meet the requirements of Seniors who want more from live in Aged Care. Our private home offers boutique dementia care nursing to those who expect more.

Move in now?

When you realise your loved one can no longer live in their home any longer because:

  • It is simply too difficult;
  • Is no longer safe;
  • Their life can improve with the additional benefits of 24 hour support care and company in a boutique dementia care home.

This is when Joyful Living Homes™ can be your number 1 option for specialised boutique support and dementia care. We have exceptional Registered Nurses and Caregivers who are dedicated to providing individual person-centred care, support and assistance in our true home environment.

Elders living with dementia can expect a rich, joyful and rewarding way of life. The sanctuary of Claudia Coulter Cottage evokes memories of one’s own home, so our Caregivers can support a better connection to their heart, their mind and their body.  Only boutique live in dementia care offers Elders this degree of individual attention not usually feasible in other care homes because the staffing to residents ratio is lower.

Your Loved One will feel welcomed, will be well supported and pleasantly surprised by the fresh alternative this single level cottage offers, where the large open plan kitchen is the heart of the home.

Only a boutique dementia care home offers Elders this degree of individual attention not feasible in other care homes where the staffing to residents ratio is significantly lower.

  • We take the time to get understand each unique individual

  • We support each person – With meaning and purpose each day

  • Registered Nurses and Caregivers – Montessori Statement of Attainment: Creating Montessori Environments for engaging person-centred Aged Care

  • The Model of Care – With respect, support and enjoyment daily

  • Dementia Enablement Design – Single level and access to outdoors

  • Joyful Living Homes™ –  Part of the Northern Beaches community

  • Beautiful Setting – Pretty garden, herb and veggie patches, courtyard & fruit trees

  • Federation Cottage – Private veranda overlooking beautiful garden.

  • High staff to resident ratio – for devoted person-centred care

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If you do not staff a nursing home adequately, it’s pure maths, you will never receive adequate care. We are In Home Care Specialists. We’ve opened this home for our clients, who for whatever reason reach the point where they can’t keep their Loved One at home. What we’ve got right from day one, are the staffing levels.

Kate Lambert – Joyful Living Homes™

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I didn’t want to do this project if we weren’t going to do it well. I’ve worked in nursing homes that are understaffed where you don’t have enough resources and where the staffing number were too low. We were not prepared to do things by halves, if we were going down this path, we are going to do this the best way possible.

Verlie Hall – Joyful Living Homes™

Explore the day to day life at Joyful Living Homes™

Here are some examples of the nurturing and caring approaches to giving person-centred dementia support.

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